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3 saddest mangas of all time

The spot of the saddest manga ever is fervent, for the most part, be misery is so subjective and unique in relation to an individual to individual. That being stated, what manga made you pitiful from understanding it? A considerable lot of these are the manga with tragic endings, as Sundome and All You Need is Kill. Different hopefuls on this assorted rundown incorporate the restless Nana, and the ultra-fierce Shingeki no Kyojin, speaking to the widespread in style among the contenders of these dismal manga titles. Which story influenced you to cry the hardest?

Pick your top choices to figure out which arrangement will remain on this survey of the saddest manga. In the event that you believe there's an arrangement that has been ignored, you can add it to the rundown. It would be ideal if you cease from voting in favor of or against any tragedy manga titles you haven't really perused, and in modern day you can also read manga online.

Angel Beast:

Heavenly attendant Beats is the saddest anime I've observed up until now. It's excellent, tragic, clever, terrible and the music and feelings are astonishing. You simply get so connected to the characters and the last scene simply left me there totally pulverized. The way he shouted Kanade at last truly made me extremely upset. What's more, I simply needed to watch it for the last second to check whether he vanishes as well. It cleared out me in such a pitiful wonderment, to the point that I didn't consider viewing another arrangement for a few days. I felt that it would demolish the occasion. It abandons you dismal and smash however in the meantime your glad and feel kinda free and satisfied. On the off chance that you haven't seen this then you should type it in the present moment. It's simply amazing. Must see!

Shigatsu Wa Kimi No Uso:

This short arrangement touched me in such huge numbers of enthusiastic ways! I haven't had sentiments since my twin/closest companion kicked the bucket and that was over a year prior! One reason why it's super pitiful in light of the fact that it's so practical with this young men recollection running with this manhandling mother to make sure he can regard live alone without help and perceiving how she gave it a second thought and once she kicked the bucket he passed on too just inside then he meets a young lady who changes the way he takes a gander at the world who causes him confront his feelings of trepidation influences him to wind up a more grounded individual candidly and to see all the stuff she stows away and her astonishing acting! She wasn't one to be a discouraging young lady who knew she didn't have the excessive time she lived it to her fullest she was glad notwithstanding knowing her life was short and she needed to roll out an improvement even in the scarcest way she needed individuals to recollect her.


The story in Anohana is excessively unadulterated and passionate. A happy and enthusiastic young lady kicks the bucket before the story begins and leaves toward the finish of the scene when at long last everybody at long last made-up to each other. Menma united everybody and before she abandons them, she hands them letters that she adored every single one of them including she needed to wed Jintan. Menma should've quite recently remained with them as opposed to abandoning them... On the other hand that would make the anime most joyful closure as opposed to sadist finishing

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