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How to draw Chibi manga character?

"Chibi" is a Japanese word used to portray toon characters (and genuine individuals and creatures) that are little in stature, which thusly makes them charming. Chibi is frequently utilized for entertainment or to portray the happy temperament or air of a circumstance, and consequently, the smallish characters are drawn uniquely in contrast to their full-sized partners.

Chibi is frequently drawn as an independent fine art, as the characters are very adorable and mascot-like. As should be obvious in the example drawing above, there are clear contrasts between the full and chibi variants of the character, especially the tallness and face shape. Chibi characters have a tendency to be abbreviated and improved forms of full-length characters. There are a lot of Chibi version mangas are available in the market and if you are not interested in buying one you can Read Manga online.

Little details while drawing a Chibi:

Now there are many little details that you have to consider while drawing a Chibi and most important are follows.

They are the shorter version of the original character:

In spite of the fact that they are not a similar character, the varieties in stature, width, extent, and style are very evident from one illustration the following. The one the left has extents nearest to that of a full-sized character. You can likewise observe that subtle elements, for example, muscles, fingers, and fingernails, alongside folds in the garments, are noticeable in this taller adaptation of a chibi. The center and right characters, then again, are shorter and less reasonably proportioned. Despite the fact that their extents are comparable, you can see that the body of the center chibi is rounder and more full than the one on the right, which is slimmer.

Don’t neglect the details:

As should be obvious, the chibi rendition has similarly the same number of points of interest as the bigger character. Since this specific chibi is marginally taller instead of a really scaled down character, it's to some degree simpler to make the hair, hands, ears, garments and body shape look like those of the full-sized character. In any case, there are still components of the chibi that have been disentangled; for instance, the face has been made the rounder and in a rearranged sickle shape, and points of interest around the knees have been dispensed with.

Don’t draw them differently:

Additionally, take note of that the points of interest amplified in the circles are relatively indistinguishable starting with one character then onto the next. Chibi is the mirror of real character but just in a funny way. So never try to add extra details by yourself.


There is nobody right approach to draw chibi character; you should build up your own particular style, not just so you will emerge among different craftsmen, yet so you can customize your specialty. Chibi characters can be short or tall; disentangled or point by point; thin, round or even a blend of various stuff! Investigate various types and analysis by consolidating distinctive highlights to perceive what works best.

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