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The best email finders put to test

Chrome extensions have become indispensable in the supply of toolkits for recruiters worldwide. And one of Chrome's most common categories for recruiters is contact information, i.e. resources that provide contact details for candidates on social networks such as LinkedIn. There are a great many good sets, but there are limited information about which contacts can be found more and better.

I saw a few of these posts, this one by Lusha, for instance. It's great, but a little subjective (just a hunch, no offense to the boys), and a little obsolete. So during the last weekend I decided to spend some time doing my own research.

Note: I only focused on personal e-mail addresses and company e-mails were omitted (and I think that this is the right way to go when talking about recruitment).

Plugins finalized for review

You will see dozens of google's "e-mail finder chrome extension," but most help to compile business e-mail address but not personal e-mail addresses. There have therefore been around 10 extensions left after excluding tools to find corporate emails. So I chose the most famous ones (as per countless Facebook recruitment groups posts). I couldn't check them all.

The extensions that I finalized were Lusha, ContactOut, Hiretual, Improver and RocketReach.

Work Titles and Location

I picked 4 job titles at 4 different sites and scanned LinkedIn accordingly to check selected extensions. In each search result, I then opened 25 profiles. So, I searched a total of 100 profiles.

The following variants were chosen:

1.      (San Francisco) (Software Developer)

2.      (Moscow) (Frontend Developer)

3.      (London) (Investment Manager)

4.      (Amsterdam) (Digital Marketing Manager)

The results

I have assembled the entire profile list I reviewed using the findings I find to show that I have not made it all up.

Adjusted Results

Remember that showing such a low result for HireTual is not very realistic. This device masks knowledge for EU citizens, who accounts for half of the population of our country (London and Amsterdam). So the results of San Francisco and Moscow were adapted and extrapolated to EU searches. Below are the updated results.

 To conclude

You can of course draw conclusions for yourself after looking at the results, but I have found some advantages and disadvantages for each method during the experiment and I want to share them.


I believe Lusha is much more useful than recruiters for sales management because I find e-mails and telephone numbers with it. But if you use telephone calls for contacts — Lusha will provide you with outstanding results.


ContactOut is an email finder that displays personal emails in the US and EU with very good results irrespective of which sector you are investigating.


As I said before, Hiretual is an email address finder which hides EU information, but provides you with the best outcome in the United States. In addition, Hiretual has some cool features that make the sourcing solution complete. He is the leader in my study on an overall adjusted basis.


This email finder is a relatively recent e-mail-centered tool He is our (not adjusted) leader in identifying contacts from Moscow with 88 per cent success. I always hoped Improver wouldn't find more than 40% of emails – this is pretty cool for a new tool. I also enjoyed a "wait list" feature. If the tool doesn't immediately find the e-mail, the profile can be placed on the waiting list and it may be found later.


The method is very appropriate, for personal as well as corporate emails (with varying accuracy levels). Furthermore, you have an embedded search engine so you don't even have to go to Linkedin if you need a quick search.

Post Script I thought of comparing prices between the resources checked, but I decided it was too much for one note.

Bonus: Clever tricks to search any email address

1. Use to find out who you know who you really want to e-mail to this individual. Just plug the person's name in and you will find Conspire showing you who you already know you can request an introduction.

2. To get a list of possible email addresses, use E-mail Permutator. Take the list of emails to find out which one is accurate and put it in an email verifier. You take more time to ensure that the correct e-mail address is found but it’s worth it.

3. Facebook Fan Page. If a personal brand or celebrities want to be contacted, go to their Facebook page. Most of the times they have mentioned their email address on that page. I have had some luck finding their emails in the past in such fashion.

4.  This email finder is an email search tool and an email verifier as well. It also gives you an option to find email addresses in bulk with its bulk email finder feature. It can also perform the function of a business email finder. In a nut shell, this email finder is a jack of all trades.

Now, it just doesn't mean you should overlook the basics of cold-emailing because you have somebody's email. Remember to draw up a short and curious subject and the three-part way to design your first e-mail to receive a response.

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