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Decoding the science of cold emailing

Is cold e-mail still working?

I've always got this question.

And even if you can easily sit down here and say, yes, cold e-mail works, it is not particularly useful if you try to implement it.

The good news is that many tested cold e-mail formulas will let users open up and read your letter. Nonetheless, we wanted to go some way further by asking people for examples of actual cold emails they used to get a reply and achieve results.

Our demand was straightforward. We needed better examples of cold emails that succeeded in asking or received positive responses that opened up new opportunities.

The result was quite impressive. We learned about the power of cold email from lots of fascinating people with different tales.

Above all, we have gathered confirmed cold e-mails and some of the lessons learned and suggestions from the people who dispatched them.

Remember, these are real-world examples of current cold e-mail messages which have led to successful sales and partnerships.

1. The Positive Pitch

“My name is James and on my blog I'd like to review your brand. For quite a while now I have been using your service and will love to interact if you want to work with me.”


According to James, the brands and companies she meets almost always send this email a positive response. "And I'm getting a YES. In the 7 years that I was writing, I was only turned down eight times."

Reason it works

The message is simple, focused and polite. In fact, it gives the receiver a clear value in advance. Alex makes a promise to bring more traffic into its online store by stressing the scope of its blogs.

2. The Open Reciprocal Pitch

This email is crafted for link generation and collaboration with partners.


Ultimately, this email led the recipient to post the content provided by the sender.

How it works

The sender said that they praised their business.

While he had previously consulted and shut down guest posts, the communication lines were maintained openly and his request generally provided him with a link to his site.

3. Hitting the nail on the head

“I was surfing on your website and i figured some issues with it. I can fix the errors on your website to make it more visible in search results.” - Susan


This message enabled Susan to encourage new business through a discussion with potential customers.

How it works

Simplicity sells! Susan found that straight messages provide more answers than strategically-written emails by trial and error. As a remedy, she announces her bid and avoids salesy jargon.

"Following some research, I sent out very simple emails to the point," Anjana says." "I've got a lot of good feedback since then.”

4. Introduce and enter

“My friend and I are founders from North America and we’re looking to discover the start-up scene in East Asia. I found your start-up while surfing and it looks promising. Would you be fine with exchanging a few emails?”


This email led to 21 contacts with founders of the start-up.

However, since it was so easy to agree to the initial request, this e-mail acted as a step in the right direction.

5. The Easy solution Cold Email

“If this's not a service you like, just let me know. I don't want to keep bothering you. If I do not hear from you, I would presume that there will be a chance to work for you in the future, and each quarter I will keep hitting.”


After reaching out a prospect three times and not receiving an answer (though the receiver could see each letter, clicked and read), Jeff took up an ultimatum – which instantly received a reply.

How it works

This sort of threat from the ultimatum or ' last chance ' spells out the meaning of FOMO for the future and encourages fence sitters to take some action.

But where do we find the perfect target email address

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