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Making the best of a tiny garden

We have recently moved house, away from a suburban area with lovely big gardens to a village in a more rural area. You’d think that’d mean that we had an awful lot more greenery and nature around us, and you’d be mostly right. We have some stunning views of green fields, grazing sheep and a quaint village centre, but the sacrifice we’ve had to make for that is a pretty much non-existent garden. Space is at a massive premium in the centre of the village, so we just have a small courtyard at the front of the house, with rather unattractive stone flags down. We’ve been in around a year now and have just about making inside how we want it, so thoughts are turning to the garden.

Our options here are pretty limited though, because the courtyard is so small and is in perpetual shade, a lawn is never going to work for us. I definitely don’t want to leave it as it is – it just looks ugly, so I have been looking for other options. I initially thought that I had only two options – decking or gravel, neither of which provided me with the green, fresh garden look that I really wanted.

I did think of, and dismissed, b&m artificial grass to start with – I have always previously thought of it as plastic carpeting or a very artificial looking astro-turf, neither of which look remotely in keeping with a residential property, and look very obviously fake even from a distance. That was until my other half said that he’d seen some artificial grass in one of his friend’s gardens, and you actually couldn’t tell that it wasn’t real. Keen to be able to have some green in the garden, I took to Google to investigate and see what was available.

A quick search of revealed that he was right, and artificial grass does indeed no longer have to look like a sheet of plastic carpeting! There are a myriad of options, and something to suit all requirements and budgets. They are graded in terms of their softness, durability and pile height, and the best bit is that free samples are available to order too, so you can make sure you actually like it before committing to a large order.

We have now decided to go down the artificial grass route for our little courtyard, because it gives us the green look that we really wanted without having to worry about whether the lawn is getting enough sunlight or water. For those with allergies, they’re also pollen-free and it also means we don’t have to worry about storing a lawnmower! A few plant pots and a nice patio set and we’ll be sorted – and of course a couple of beers to reward my other half after a hard Saturday’s graft getting it all laid. After all, I’ve done the hard work and done all of the research for him.

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