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Marketing Trends To Adopt For Reinvigorating Your Email Campaign

Marketers must never underestimate the strength of email marketing when it comes to customer engagement. While email marketing does not make headlines such as social media, it is a tried and tested strategy that produces impressive results each year.

E-mail provides advertisers an secure and user-friendly forum for knowledge exchange with their customers. The benefits are vast: the median ROI of email is 122% – four times the size of any digital medium. When it comes to attracting new clients, it is also 40 times more powerful than Social Media.

Marketers have enjoyed email success for so long that many neglect the fact that it is always evolving. People now receive communications differently and instead of conventional desktops display the email on mobile devices. In addition, the networks that are much more flexible than in previous years are for power mail campaigns.

Some big marketing patterns that email experts agree should be closely observed in 2019 are as follows:

1. Design is critical

Email has been developed as a medium focused on text, and still concentrates on text today. Marketers used to add headers and images to their focus, but most attempts have been made to create an enticing copy.

This gradually begins to shift as brands become conscious of the value for the production of a highly quality message of eye-catching design. Email design also includes symbols, diagrams and colorful buttons. This year, well-conceived e-mail is a phenomenon, as marketers see increased attention from visually enticing designs.

2. Cell-Phone adaptability

Why do email marketers concentrate on design?? The reason is the user interface – consumers are spending more and more users on mobile devices instead of a laptop. Some 55% of e-mails on mobile devices are already opened, up from just 29% in 2012.

The use of mobile devices is expected to increase as the year advances. Advertisers will investigate how their messages can be translated into mobile devices. Consider your message's intensity, organization and mobile friendliness.

3. The ascent of video

It's important to make a mobile email experience, but another digital phenomenon needs to be taken into account: video content added to messages. More than half of the customers want advertisers to provide more video content, and by the end of this year 80% of all Internet traffic will be expected to be video.

Email networks support this change, so that visual pieces are easier to integrate into campaigns. Moreover, if the message is delivered in video, the viewer is likely to remember the message — a perfect incentive to incorporate this in 2019.

4. Email Personalization

Email personalization has in the past been incredibly simple, with advertisers only using their name to customize messages. Now efficient marketing tools and robust data are truly personalized.

Brands can approach consumers with different content and deals related to their preferences by providing so much information available. The findings are impressive: among these personalized emails, 82 percent of the companies show increased open rates. In this year, genuinely customized emails will increase as the tools advance.

5. AI and email effectiveness

It is not just for sci fi: the development of artificial intelligence gives e-mail platforms more complexity. These technologies will enable marketers to build more powerful content, optimize time and frequency email delivery and even forecast audience responses.

AI is evolving rapidly, so that the possibilities remain infinite in 2019. In the next few months, marketers will expect several more practical devices.

6. Triggered Emails

When an individual takes some specific action – for instance a newsletter subscription or shopping cart abandonment – marketers also send triggered e-mails to re-engage the customer. Such emails get a better average open rate of 69 percent, and an average clicking rate of 102 percent, versus non-personalized messages.

The success of these e-mails is due to the growing experience of marketers as regards the desires and actions of customers. This enables brands to deliver efficient, meaningful messages. In addition, users are less upset about activated e-mails, which are a strong argument for increased utilization.

7. Interactive Email Campaigns

Salesmen frequently ignore the possibility of digital communications producing advertisements without complexity. Nevertheless, today's technologies support interactive email features, including menus, anchor tags, image sliders and clickable hotspots. In order to make things easier, marketers should add a "response" button in the email.

Since these components are successful in involving customers, advertisers are expected to seek them in 2019.

8. Privacy and Data Protection

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations), a series of EU security laws, was in fact the main story about email privacy during the last year. That regulation regulates the collection and use of data by advertisers and gives consumers more power over their privacy. Such strategies, including the buying of email lists, traditionally used by advertisers are now controversial.

The data security issues are not just for the EU — customers around the world worry about the use of their data by businesses. The U.S. has passed the California Consumer Privacy Act, to be enacted in 2020. This law would influence U.S. email marketers as much as GDPR.

9. Grabbing Attention

User inboxes are filled with messages — more than 293 billion messages are sent every day by companies and citizens. It is projected that this number will rise to over 333 billion by 2022.

It is difficult for advertisers to gain the attention of customers with this amount of emails, but strategies work. Personalization, message delivery, and topic lines are all powerful strategies utilizing artificial intelligence.

Since marketing started, the production of unique messages was necessary and should always be a high priority. With the advancement in e-mail today, advertisers have the ideal forum to check and show their best contents.

10. Using valid email addresses.

For this purpose, the most critical tool is an excellent email finder. An Email Finder by company will ensure that the email addresses you are using are verified.

A business email finder will help you reach out all your potential targets directly. The threat of your email being ending up in the spam folder will be minimized.

Similarly, an email address finder has the feature of verifying email addresses so that you can know for sure that the email address you are using to reach out is still in use.

Find Email Address is a business email finder that is subscription-based and comes with a free trial version. This tool is a must get thing if you want to boost your results.

Similarly, any other email finder that performs efficiently can perform the same job for you. But, we recommend you to choose wisely among them.

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